Silver Linings

With all the tragic things that are happening in the world as a result of the coronavirus, now might seem like an unusual time to talk about being positive.  However, staying positive is a core ingredient in the recipe of successful coping in a crisis.

Now, more than ever, is the time for us to be proactive about creating small moments of happiness in our days.  Positive emotions help us to undo the negative effects of stress.

Here are a few practical things you can do to foster positive emotions.

  • Savor the small moments. There are many things to savor – (the smell of coffee, the warm shower on your back).  Savoring these small moments give your brain a chance to process the pleasure, which boosts your serotonin – the feel-good neurotransmitter that helps elevate your mood and make you feel calm
  • Strengthen your connections. Now is the opportunity to spend quality time with our loved ones. Take the time to hug your loved ones, look them in the eyes, having long conversations with them.  All of these boost our oxytocin – when oxytocin levels spike, they tell your body to switch off cortisol- the stress hormone.
  • Look for good in others. Reach out.  Be kind.

By tuning into these three silver linings, your can change your brain chemistry and build up your energy stores to help you cope with the other aspects of your day that have been made more difficult.

Ever dark cloud has a silver lining, and this is your chance to thicken that lining and take charge of your mental health so that you come out of this experience stronger.


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