You may or may not be an avid sports fan, but you may have heard of a basketball coach by the name of Mike Krzyzewski, or Coach K.  He coached at Duke University for 42 years and amassed a total of 1,202 wins over his coaching career before retiring at the end of this season.  During the team’s year-end banquet, he gave his final speech as a head basketball coach that provided some insight to his success as a leader, coach, friend, and family man.  Below is a summary of the key takeaways:

Don’t walk alone, walk together.  An individual will not be able to achieve their dreams and aspirations doing it on their own. 

A team and teamwork don’t just happen, it is developed – a team must be built.  For a team to be successful, the team must have strong relationships, prepare well, and have commitment to both the purpose and to each other.

Success happens for the team when everyone is doing their job.  Cheer and celebrate the entire team, not just an individual’s success. 

Be with good people, get on and stay on the right bus, and always try your best.  Disruptions and challenges are always going to be present as we go through life, however, they can be less difficult when surrounded by good people and have strong relationships. 

As we head into the busy spring planting season, our team wishes everyone a safe and successful spring!  If you have an interest in watching Coach K’s final speech, please Google “Coach K Final Banquet Speech” and you will be able to find it on YouTube. 

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