Homemade pizza recipe

INGREDIENTS1 pound of meat ( I used Spring Valley Farms pork sausage)1/2 an onionCRUST2 ¼ tsp yeast1 cup ...
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Peaches are here

The Peaches have come in at the store!  What better way to enjoy them, than to make a ...
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What do you want to be known for?

By Kurt Wulf While recently attending a conference, one of the speakers challenged us with the question: “What ...
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Core Values

Core values are a vital set of key principles that guide a business. In the course of writing, ...
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Builders and Wreckers

I watched them tearing a building down, A gang of men in a busy town. With a heave ...
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What Every Leader Needs To Know

In John C Maxwell’s book “Attitude 101:What Every Leader Needs To Know” John talks about the “five truths ...
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White Leaf

At Spring Valley Farms, we are