Success is for Everyone

John Maxwell says  “There is a four-word” formula for success that applies equally well to organizations and individuals —  “MAKE YOURSELF MORE USEFUL”

Success is:

  • Knowing your purpose in life

Question: How do you know your purpose in life?

  1. What is your desire (what do you dream about, what do you love?)
  2. What are your talents?
  3. What are your opportunities?
  • Growing to your maximum potential

Question:  How do you grow to your maximum potential?

  1. Concentrate on your strengths.
  2. Write out a plan for personal growth.
  3. Create a growth environment around you (get around other like-minded people).
  • Sowing seeds that benefit others

Question: How do I sow seeds that benefit others:

  1. Develop a generous spirit (attitude).
  2. Place others at the top of your agenda (charisma).
  3. Add value to someone every day (the people you love the most are the people that put you at the top of their list).

“Learn, earn, return: these are the three phases in life.  The first third should be devoted to education, the second third to building a career and making a living, and the last third to giving back to others – returning something in gratitude.  Each stage seems to be a preparation for the next one.”

– Jack Balousek

Success is for Everyone – John Maxwell Leadership Podcast

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