Our Team Matters

At Spring Valley Farms, we show up everyday excited for what’s in store. We are passionate about what we do, and we hope you are too. To apply for an open position, click the link below.

Find Success at Spring Valley Farms

  • Focus on culture and safety

  • Clean equipment

  • Excellent pay

  • 401K match

  • Paid time off

  • Health insurance

  • Family-friendly schedules

  • Personal development

We blend modern agriculture, holistic solutions, and premium quality to produce and transport food for businesses, families, and communities. As much as we show up for our business, we show up for each other.

Current Openings

Driver Opportunities

Apply Online (Solicitud en Línea)

Additional Optional Applications

The following applications are specific to certain roles and not required of all positions.

Please refer to the application instructions or contact our HR team to learn which are required for your interest.

Other Inquiries About
Open Positions?

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