Core Values

Core values are a vital set of key principles that guide a business. In the course of writing, “Built to Last” Jim Collins and Jerry I. Porras spent six years researching organizations that have endured recessions and depressions over the decades. One of their key findings was that in every case these companies defined their core values early on and built a culture of people around them. 

Spring Valley Farms Core Values:       

Team Work– Are you willing to help out where ever you are needed? Are the procedures in your area efficient and simple?

Honesty & Integrity – do your actions promote the image of the company? Do you do a great job even when no one is looking?

Strong work ethic – not only do you work hard but do you work smart?

Humility – Is your ego properly balanced?      

Candor – Do your words and actions help people grow?

Possessing a strong culture is one of the biggest competitive advantages that a business can have. It take all hands on deck to execute but it is well worth the effort.   

White Leaf

At Spring Valley Farms, we are


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